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AFFIDAVIT IN LIEU OF CERTIFICATE OF LEGAL CAPACITY TO CONTRACT MARRIAGE FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS Republic of the Philippines City of Manila Embassy of the United States of America Before me a Vice Consul of the UnitedStates of America in and for the consular district of Manila qualified personally appeared who being duly sworn depose and says as follows 1. This affidavit is deemed sufficient for the purpose ofcompliance with the requirement of the Philippine law for a certificate oflegal...
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. I, John Wilson , have been of full age for at least five years, and have resided in the city of Manila in the state of the Philippines, with the consent of and agreement of the said United States of America; 3. I, John Wilson, have married the aforesaid Mrs. Margaret Margaret Buhon, a resident of the United States of America, and a native of the state of Louisiana; and, 4. I have, my said wife, prior to the date of my marriage, been the registered husband of a white woman, who at that time resided in a foreign state , and whose nationality, nationality and place of domicilation is unknown to me. 5. When the above marriage took place, the petitioner and the petitioner's husband were both free and independent persons, having made their separate acquisitions of property as individuals; 6. The petitioner and his said wife have jointly and severally made oath that they are a couple of free and independent persons of their own free will, who by this marriage are entering into a legal engagement or legal contract of marriage for themselves and for each other. 7. I have, before this date, had actual knowledge of the facts as hereinafter stated, and am of the opinion that as a husband and wife, the two are at liberty to enter into a marriage of this kind with or without the consent of the United States. 8. After my said commission is issued, the respondent as a citizen of the UnitedS States of America, and a resident of the Philippines on and prior to the date of my marriage with the aforesaid Mrs. Margaret Buhon, and with the consent of and agreement of the said United States of America, has married the aforesaid Margaret Margaret Buhon, the aforesaid lawful wife of the respondent. 9. My said spouse, the applicant, and the petitioner, are the parents of a white child of six years of age, by the aforesaid Margaret Margaret Buhon, and the child is now six years old, and my husband is one of my lawful child's legal guardians. 10. As husband and wife and parents, the respondent and the petitioner, are and will remain free from any restriction imposed in such countries as those of their country of birth or residence and country of domicile. 11. I have reason to believe that it is desirable that the child of my said spouse and the petitioner be in the hands of my husband, and not in the hands of the respondents in the Philippines. 12. I am a resident of
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